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Estate Sales in Nevada's Las Vegas Valley





Traditional Estate Sales

Sterling Estate Sales provides  full-service estate sales in the Las Vegas Valley, assisting clients in selling items from furnishings and art to vehicles and equipment. We prioritize the best returns for you, by offering a completely managed process and excellent customer turnout, for a successful and profitable sale.

Online Auctions/Sales

Sterling Estate Sales offers online sales options in situations where a traditional estate sale isn't possible. If your HOA won't allow estate sales, or your timeframe doesn't permit an onsite sale, this 2nd most profitable option can usually be completed within 2 weeks.


Sterling Estate Sales offers buyout services, allowing clients to sell their estate contents in a single transaction. This streamlined option provides a quick and efficient way to liquidate assets while still maintaining reasonable value for  most items. This is our 3rd most profitable option, and it can usually be completed within one week.

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What Our Clients Say

Lidia and Jim did an outstanding job of helping me to clear out my parents' house. They were efficient, fair, kind, professional, and effective. They definitely went above and beyond what I was expecting. Many thanks to them for making a very difficult process go so well!

-Randy M.

They are knowledgeable, professional, organized, friendly, and communicated well throughout the entire process. My mind was more at ease that our estate sale would be handled properly, and with care, by using their services... I would highly recommend Sterling Estate Sales!

-Christine S.

The entire process was seamless. Jim and Lidia took the reins and the only thing we had to do was stay out of their way and deposit our check. We were truly amazed with the service and value they provided us and we would HIGHLY recommend Sterling Estate Sales to anyone. Thank you Jim and Lidia!!

-Gena V.

We are The Largest Estate Sales Company in Nevada.

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A Tale of Two Outcomes 

Your sale, with and without Sterling Estate Sales
start your sale with sterling
  • We manage all pricing, staging, and advertising.
  • We handle most estate sales within eight days of staging.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Your family's collections will go to homes of people who value them.
  • We advertise every sale on the largest estate sale sites in the country.
  • We're followed by over 5000 buyers, so your sale will be well-attended!
  • We can complete your sale quickly, allowing you to move on with your life.
choose another company or host a garage sale
  • Undervalue your sale items or get ripped off by unscrupulous dealers
  • Host a garage sale and lose customers without any advertising network
  • Spend your valuable time and effort for much smaller returns

Don't let this happen to you

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